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Selections of field recordings, foley work and sound effects.  A lot of minimally processed audio for you to use in your projects, offered here for free!  This is all raw or slightly processed material I've collected for use in sound design or for other library creation.

Recorded at 24Bit / 96KHz and reproduced here at 24/48 .WAV files, Signal has a bit of everything.

Pay what you want, including nothing, and do read through the license that's included to make sure your application isn't violating the terms and conditions.  Basically the only thing you can't use these SFX for is to resell or redistribute as part of another library.

Preview all tracks here -

Signal Volume One contains the following sound effects -

Ambience - Lake Waves Lapping

Ambience - Lake Waves on Rocks

Ambience - Lecture Hall Room Tone

Ambience - Store

Ambience - Stream Fast 2

Ambience - Stream Fast

Ambience - Town Day with Traffic

Foley - Big Squeaky Door

Foley - Footsteps on Gravel

Foley - Footsteps Creaky Stair

Foley - Footsteps on Concrete Grit

Foley - Footsteps through Vegetation

Foley - Muddy Feet

Thanks folks, I hope you can put these to good use!

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Signal Volume One - Free Sound Effects

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